Light Baths


Light Baths


This series is meant to provide an outlet for people to shed insecurities and to feel comfortable in their own skin. The light aids participants in unlocking deeper emotions that I then try to capture and present in the photos. Sometimes the most minimal lines can speak volumes and accentuate the human form, or mask it completely and allow for the body take on another presence entirely.


Digital Textures

These specific Light Baths were inspired by the work of Bridget Riley and the whole of the OP art movement.

All of these patterns have been created digitally with the intention of confusing the eye with vibrant colors and repetitive patterns.




This section will focus on work I’ve done with bands and performers. Currently, the featured band is a lovely group called Calliope Musicals from Austin, TX.

It was a real treat getting to have them all in my studio at once. =]



Artist Colaborations 

I've been fortunate enough to get to utilize some incredibly talented artists’ work in this project.

The artists here have given me their permission to incorporate their pieces into my Light Baths.

In this series the artwork projected is by: Oliver Hibert, Morgan Winter, Kat Hooper, Wizard Skull, The London Police, Sierra Siemer, and my grandfather Ben Wagner.